It has been hot and humid the passed few weeks and DH and I have been busy replacing the verandah railing panels (some of it in the blazing sun) So by nightime all I wanted to do was veg-out on the couch and watch tv and have the odd nanna nap.
No inspiration what-so-ever to do anything,  so eventually I MADE myself do something - I played with polymer clay. There is something very theraputic about rolling, squishing and manipulating clay and its much quieter than hammering metal. Wanted to work with a cool theme and the Art Bead Scene challenge for February was just the ticket.
Now I should point out that snow and I are not on a nodding aquaintance, in fact we are not even on a wave-from-a-distance one either. Snow is something that appears on Christmas cards or came out of a spray can and was liberally applied to any vulnerable surface until my mother banned it. I have seen snow fall (briefly) twice and visited the snowfields once. Ask me about droughts, flooding rains, dust storms, violent thunder storms, the occasional cyclone and I'm ya gal but not snow.
Ended up with this.
The pattern reminded me of a tree at the bottom of our driveway a Melaleuca commonly known as a paperbark. They have the most amazing bark, like multiple sheets of soft handmade paper. Layer upon layer of soft peach, grey, cream, golden brown. 

So here are the earrings I made, which was about all my muse could handle. (She has subsequently checked the weather forecast for tomorrow, rolled her eyes wildly and bolted to somewhere cool no doubt, blowing raspberries at me as she vanished)


  1. I wish I could send you some snow... LOL! Love the clay and the beads, but the tree bark just blows me away! Wish I could touch it!!

  2. The earrings are gorgeous ! Wonderful pattern too.

  3. I'll send you some cold but I am all out of snow. That does look like paper bark, one of my fave trees. Those earings are lovely.

  4. It's nice to know that I'm not alone when it comes to just having no inspiration. I never want my creating to feel like work! Great Earrings :O)