Send It Down Hughie!

It would appear that by moaning and bleating I have tempted fate or somehow irritated the universe. 
Late yesterday it started to rain. Soothing gentle rain that fell on the leaves and grass indispursed with bouts of sunshine. Just the weather to make the grass bolt and everything grow 3 feet overnight.
Lovely, we thought.
However it gradually got heavier and heavier until, by the time we went to bed, had become a torrential deluge pouring from the skies. Just to spice things up the weather gods threw the odd bolt of lightning just in case we weren't still awake.
We copped 250mm (10 inches) in 10 hours! and its still raining.
*Sigh* the garage will require bailing out and the driveway has ruts so deep you'd  have to turn the  headlights on to find you way out.The local bird are sheltering under our verandah and there is probably and Ark somewhere in the back yard.
Ya gotta love the land of droughts and flooding rains!

(A gap in the rain and just time for a few piccies)
"And All The Rivers Ran"

"Waterfalls rapids - Oh My"


  1. Ah, Queensland. But at least you will get a verdant green out of this. But still that is a terrible lot of rain over a short period of time? Is there a lot of flooding? I can so relate to this. Where I currently live, there is a saying that we get 18 inches of rain a year. And that all comes on the same day. BTW, that dog in the last pic looks just like my old boy Bob. Well a younger leaner version. Bob's a kelpie that we brought home with us from Melbourne.

  2. That is a LOT of rain. And most of it probably just washed away, because it couldn't sink into the ground so fast...
    Hope you are not being flooded. Take care.