A Haunted Place

We have a haunted place at our house.
It is nothing out of the ordinary. Not dark, dank or hidden. There are no cold patches or dripping ectoplasm, no disembodied voices, no clanking chain, the hair does not stand up on the back of your neck and yet, there is a presence, a female often glimpsed, waiting.
Where is this place you ask?
Its the mail box and I am the haunting!
For my birthday I shouted myself a copy of  "Enchanted Adornments"  and I am waiting, waiting .......
Woe is meeeee. Why is the rest of the world sooo far away? Why does it take sooo long for just a little package to make its way here? Doesn't UPS and Australia Post realise that this is a matter of life and death?
Every day I visit the mail box and visit again just in case it is coming parcel post but nothing.
Wait! was that a vehicle at the bottom of the drive - be right back........
No *Waaaa sob*


  1. Oh Greer - I know just how you feel! Back in November, I ordered this same book for myself (for my birthday - guess this is some kind of birthday book) and then after 10 days I got an email saying delivery would be delayed for 2 or 3 three weeks...
    Happily, it arrived on time inspite of the email. But I sometimes feel as if Europe is very far away from the rest of the world.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your copy arrives today.
    Wishing you all the best for your birthday and all days to come. May they be filled with love, happiness and inspiration! Hugs!

  2. I enjoyed your post even though I sympathize with your pain. I hope the book gets to you soon!

  3. Happy birthday Greer! Hope the mail box is full of lovely treats for you on Monday. It is a very wonderful book and is worth the wait - can't wait to see what you will be inspired to make after reading it. Vicki