Up and Hanging

I thought, that since my first exhibition opened last Saturday and it did include jewelry I could bore you spitless with images of my paintings before coming to the jewelry.

A couple of pen and ink sketches on paper

Anticipation - acrylic on canvas 
Open Late - acrylic on canvas

 November Cane - acrylic on canvas

Easily Emused - acrylic on canvas

Sticky End - acrylic on canvas

Saltbush and Sand - soft pastel

The Watcher - soft pastel

Under the Mango Tree - water colour

Singers of the Rain - water colour and ink

Yes there was jewelry, my challenge was how to hang the necklaces in a small group that did not cost a fortune.
I found a tutorial by Ginger of The Bluebottle Tree, and it immediately sparked a lightbulb moment. My necklaces were more complex than the pendant Ginger displayed, but the materials certainly did the trick.

 I cut a half circle from the foam core board and glued it to the front. The necklace is attached with black glass head pins. I used nylon fishing line from the back to a slim piece of timber with attachments to take the gallery hanging system. Worked well looks good and didn't require a 2nd morgtage. 
Was going to hang them in a straight row, but ended up hanging at an angle making a much more interesting display.
Oh and I managed a bracelet.
Am quite addicted to the rough piercing enamelled copper domes. They have a slightly sinister air that pleases me.



  1. Beautiful art.And your pieces are amazing!

  2. Beautiful paintings. Really like your use of color. The reflection of the tree in the rusty old truck windshield is a wonderful touch. And your pen and ink drawings are fabulous! Is there anything you can't do? Your jewelry is gorgeous as always and your displays are brilliant. Thank you for sharing. Hope your exhibition is the smashing success it deserves to be.

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with your exhibition, so delightful, whimsical and expertly rendered and your necklaces are beautiful

  4. Wow. Impressive all round. I keep going back to gaze at 'The Watcher'. It's wonderful !!

  5. I've always admired your jewelry, but I didn't know that you paint, too..."Anticipation" is so beautiful...all of your paintings are beautiful! Is there anything you can't do?? Pure awesomeness.

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