Is That It?

Is that all there is?
Fair dinkum! you mean to tell me that after nearly 3 months all you have you show is 
ONE pair of earrings? 
OK I admit that they are interesting and I love the enameled focal and clearly the soldering is beautiful, but really only one pair?
Boy, you better have a good excuse.

Well, I think I have a good excuse. . . 
Way back in November last year, in a moment of madness, I agreed to do a joint exhibition at our local gallery in December this year. Paintings and jewelry.
No worries, I have heaps of time, it's not for a whole year. I'll start in June, July, August, September, Oh my God I've only got 2 and a half months!

Doing a series of paintings in my increasingly crowded studio was a challenge, so I started on the front verandah. Good light, but I was at risk of a nervous breakdown over the worry of spilling paint on the timber deck. Then I had a brilliant idea.
The old caravan and glass annexe that we first lived in, was sitting there, basicaly a junk storage. A few alterations, some tables and storage and da-daaaaaaaaaaaaaa Studio 2.
Here I can sharpen my pencils on the floor and slosh paint with gay abandon and walk out the door at the end of the day.
So to cut a long story short I now have 12 paintings ready to hang. No spoilers will show them next post.

Decided to display 5 necklaces and came up with a nifty way of hanging them. (read cost effective thanks to Ginger of Bluebottle Tree)  Needed to make one more necklace.

Then someone bought one of the necklaces and I had to make another.

Then I decided that I needed to upgrade my display in the gallery gift shop, so made 3 new bracelets.
Then I decided that the whole display needed revamping to a more cohesive look including new earring cards and swing tags. Made and stained all the components and they are all now installed at the gallery waiting the Exhibition/Christmas shoppers.

Phew, I'm done. 
Just don't look at my 2 studios! 


  1. Bravo Greer! Your jewelry is fantastic, love that treatment you do on your sheet metal. Your display looks wonderful. Hope you have a great show. And bonus-a new studio that you can mess up with wild abandon! Enjoy!