Tears of Bitter Price

Summed up in two phrases – it seemed like a good idea and how hard can it be.

Introducing Kuchi buttons. Cute and just the right size for earrings.
Good Idea?

Come in 2 flavours.
Little flat ones an easy target.
 Nip the little loops off the back, bung in a coupla holes, hang stuff and there ya go, and if the junk from the nipped off loop bothers you, can all be solved with a disc of some metal or such.Done n Dusted!

Now the ones I really liked are the high domed variety.

Nice central detailing on the right hand one and the other, that resemble pert young mammary glands.

(Now I've said that can’t look at them without imagining a mature aged lady rocking the buxom bosoms on her lobes - oh wait, that'll be me)

A quick look on the internet revealed these kuchi buttons were uncommon in earrings.

Bewdy an obviously unexploited niche, but let me tell you why.

Wanted a really cool and innovative method of attaching the buttons to the earwires and other elements. Much sketching, contorting of wire, scrabbling through various boxes for inspiration/easy solutions, in dispersed with wandering around, thinking, coffee, more thinking, more coffee, pee stops. Woah squirrel brain!
Finally in desperation tried jump rings. 
Had I done that first woulda saved half a day. Then began working the second earring and ran straight into the Universal Truth of Kuchi Buttons – Variation. And these little buggers have variation in spades!

The little loops on the back are bigger, smaller, offset, squished, twisted, flattened. No two alike.

Jump ring again – how hard can it be?
Then I began making jump rings just the right size so that all the elements were more or less equal.

It is now the end of the day and finally nailed them and I consider the name most appropriate, Tears of Bitter Price

In addition, I can offer you a huge range of graduated sets of hand made jump rings measured in increments of gnat knees.

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  1. Ahhh yes, the joys of working with Kuchi buttons. Excellent results in your capable hands .