In Persuit of Rust

Wandering through Bunnings Hardware searching for my current favourite - chemicals that will do "things" to metal.
There was a whole section devoted to removing, retarding and preventing rust.

Then I found this . . .Rust Paint????!!!!

Leetle rusty relics and they are not even metal!

*sigh* I'm in love

Wonder how rust would look as nail polish? Yeah it's do-able.


  1. Whoa! That's awesome!

    I wonder if we have it here.....

    As fingernail polish? Agreed! Totally doable!

  2. Wow - so now you can decorate the inside of the house with rust as well...
    Love that you have returned to your 'true' love... ;)

  3. I had to come look at this again... I can't get over how it totally looks like rusty metal!!!

  4. Love this..and going to buy me some..tomorrow!! Thanks for posting about it.