The Destiny of Periodic Orbits

Cool name eh?
I looked up periodic orbits - all to do with chaos theory and gaaaaaaah what they said wasn't written in English!
Topological entropy, chaotic attractors,  bifurcation order, phase space partitions Faaaaaaaaaaaaaark!
Anyway I still like the name even if I don't understand any of it.
Distressed, aged and sealed nickel
Salvaged copper with torch-fired enamel
Sterling silver


  1. oh, you are funny! Science was never my forte either...but I think it a great name none the less!.....why would you even look up PERIODIC orbits? must be more science knowledgable than you are letting on! By the way, I have always wondered how you manage to write and post your blog.....are you not miles away from town (signals) etc!! Enough!

  2. I like the earrings too - even though I don't understand any of it either. But although - I like the sound of 'chaotic attractors'...

  3. Yes, very cool name and very cool earrings!