Gin Gin Gallery Craft Market Show

For the month of November, I have closed my Etsy shop, cos everything is in our local gallery.
(The batteries in the camera were flat, so I took the photos with the phone, hence the less than good image quality)

The bracelet display is made from some reo mesh and a piece of timber, as is the earring display.
Two MDF boards with mat clear acrylic finish stand on two small easels for necklace displays.
Other necklaces are displayed on more MDF boards that are hung on the wall.
Hopefully this will make up for the craft market that didn't happen last month.

(Off to Brisbane tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Not a pleasure trip but a sad farewell for my daughter-in-law's mother who passed away last week.)


  1. Wow! These are beautiful! I love seeing all the enamel. I think it's what gonna set your work apart. Great job!

  2. You displays are fantastic as is your jewelry. Hope you have a good show. Sorry to hear about the sadness that brings you to Brisbane.

  3. Love your displays! Gorgeous :)

  4. Love the timber and iron displays. Wishing you much success at the gallery and have a safe trip. Sorry to hear this.