Market Find

Found this at the local Saturday Market for the princely sum of $3.
Look at the cool texture!
A beheading, a de-bottoming and a slice through the guts and voila I see some fantastic copper sheet for me to commit mayhem upon. 
(Puts on 'helpless-female-with-power-tools' look and hands hubby the grinder with the metal cutoff disk)


  1. have fun with that! looks terrific... save some for a texture plate as well...

  2. Fantastic find. A treasure to be sure.

  3. OMGosh! With the price of copper... What a gorgeous texture. Maire is right - save some as a texture plate. Such a terrific find! I wouldn't find something like that at the flea market, that's for sure.

  4. What a find! And what a price. I'm with Renate and MJ, save some for a texture plate. Yes, and do hand off to someone else to cut it up. The fun part is using the pieces.