Big Girls Don't Cry

The Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery hold an annual craft show. Have never done any shows or markets so I thought it was an ideal opportunity to dip my toe in the water so to speak.
Made some jewelery and some cheap and cheerful polyclay brooches and fridge magnets. Spent ages constructing some earring and bracelet displays from some wonderful rusty reo mesh and timber collected of the ground.
Then the fates aligned to conspire against me and due to a mix up my stuff was left behind at the Gin Gin Gallery.

Can I cry now?


  1. So so sorry Greer. Maybe these pieces are destined for something else.

  2. Oh my, Greer. Come here, you can have my shoulder...

  3. That is definitely a bummer! Maybe there's another opportunity that you're meant to participate in where your inventory will be much needed ... I don't know ... just trying to find the silver lining!

  4. Yes ma'am, you may cry! I'd feel the same way...but maybe the fates conspired for a better alternative! Keep your chin up!

  5. Oh no! That is just awful! But now you have some stock to put in your Etsy shop or sell someplace else. I hope you can find a silver lining to all of this.
    Enjoy the day.

  6. I don't blame you for wanting to cry. I am so sorry that this has happened to you, but as others have said maybe there is something more around the next bend that will be better and bigger than you could imagine. Jane