From Junk to Joy

The results of hacking up and enameling some of the copper finds at the local market.

Broke 3 saw blades trying to cutting out the flower and finally resorted to tin snips. Not the dainty jewelers kind, the big blokey ones used for dismembering truck and bridges. Brutal, effective and I'm into rustic serendipity anyway.
The little buds are chinky little Christmas bells from the Dollar Shop. Enameled like a dream but fortunately killed the chink. (Tested them by bouncing them off the shed wall to make sure the enamel stayed put) 
Love the shape of them and how the really do look like little flower buds. 


  1. LOL@ "bouncing them off the shed wall." :-D

    I want to try enameling on some old keys...but I don't even have any of the supplies... yet. ;)

    I like how this turned out!

  2. awesome - you are on your way! yes, who needs the refinement of a saw anyway?! not me...

  3. Love the enameled little bells - fantastic idea!

  4. very creative! Love the flower too - tin snips worked just fine, I hate sawing with a jewellers saw :)

  5. Those 'buds' are perfect with your flower. I hate the jewelers saw as well. Use a big blokey tin snips myself and always feel sort of powerful in a manly kind of way when I do.