On Beginnings and Patience

The Universe seems to be intent on teaching me a lesson in patience and beginnings

The first beginning I would like in my life is the connection of power. We have tried to have this done for the last 2 months, but rain keeps interrupting and just when it seemed that all our stars had aligned, major flooding occurred to 3/4 of Queensland.
It would be churlish of me to complain when so many people have lost everything. Their homes, businesses, in some cases, wives, husbands, children, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers and friends. 
The floods have been devastating and I would not dream of thinking that my very slight, little, paltry inconvenience was important.
It's OK Universe I am patient, I can wait.

The next beginning I would like to take place is starting our house. The Universe is not ready for this either and the legal situation is yet to play to it's conclusion.
Its OK Universe, I am patient, I can wait.

On a less cosmic scale there are several jewellery beginnings I would like to take place too.
I have some bronze and copper clay, but I need power to run the kiln.
I could do some polymer clay, but would need to run the big generator to power to oven, which seems such a waste and I would feel guilty.
I would like to try enamelling, but I don't have a bracket on which to mount the MAP gas bottle, or any vermiculite.
I would also like to try etching, but my Sharpies have dried up and the creek is up too high to cross and to make a 100k round trip up and down the rough back track to buy 2 sharpies a small bracket, an some vermiculite is also wasteful and again I would feel guilty.
It's OK Universe I am patient, I can wait.

So, do you think that it would be pushing it if I got a sharp stick and gave the Universe a quick poke and yelled 
'Get on with it'??


  1. I have been following the news on the QLD flooding. Seeing places I've loved like Toowoomba devasted by the flooding. And all those places that I don't know and think, enough. So yeah, give the universe a quick poke with a sharp stick. Enough, get on with it. In fact, I'll get out my sharp stick too.

  2. You might want to consider two quick pokes and maybe even a smart whack.
    And I will echo you from here: get on with it!