My Heart of Gold

After my winge about the uncooperative nature of the Universe I was sitting pouting, no wait, this was a full-on sulk when my DH asked what the matter was.
Well he probably regretted that instantly, cos I told him.
Next day my Heart of Gold took me to town.
We had real coffee and cake, scoured the local hardware store and newsagent for essential supplies and had an ice cream on the way home.

What to try first??? Ok enameling. The clamp I was going to use was not a success, so did I pout - no I went to the doesn't-have-a-home box and found a water pipe saddle, that fitted the torch neck and screwed it to the front of my table.

Just put the torch head through the saddle and screw on the canister
Then I had fun melting stuff and made lots of little samples. 
Ya wanna see?

Can't see? Told ya they were little - here borrow my jeweler's loupe.

Woooooah earth shattering stuff eh?
Still have to sort out mandrels for beads but this is going to be soooo much fun and I think I can use the torch for bronzclay as well.


  1. Necessity is the mother of invention. Brilliant. And you gotta love the good guys that will take you to the hardware store, the news agent, coffee, and ice cream all in one day.

    The enameling looks great. Isn't it nice to see results so quickly. On the bronze, I think you can do the fast fire with a torch, maybe. You'll have to look around for info because there is no info in the packet of stuff. There is a product called, Prometheus (bronze), that you might want to look at. There is also the Art Clay copper that you can fire with a torch. I have no experience with any of these except kiln firing fast fire bronze clay. Check out the metal clay academy (something like that) and metal clay today, an online free magazine. Google is our friend.

  2. Apparently, the Universe is quite receptive to being poked with a stick - hmmm, I will need to remember that.
    Your husband is a keeper. Cake, ice cream and the hardware store, all in one day - definitely a keeper!
    And I love your enamel experiment - can't wait to see more. Did you have any trouble with enamel shattering back off?