Beading by Candle Light

True Dinks!
It is so dark at the back of the shed I thought about putting a candle in a head band and beading like that, but the though of all that hot wax melting and horror of horrors dripping onto my beads was quickly rejected. 
So, I resorted to a torch.

I made earrings by torchlight!

p.s. Got sooo carried away with my cleverness I almost forgot . . . 
Two lovely beads gifted to me by MaryAnn Carroll
Soft dusty pink czech glass peanut beads
two tiny puffy filligree hearts


  1. You clever girl, crafting by torch light. Happy New Year!

  2. 'crafting by torchlight' - why does that sound so romantic? Lovely earrings!
    Hope you are okay - and your feet are still dry.

  3. Very clever! Nice work- I hope you are staying high and dry up there. Happy New year Greer :)

  4. sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
    lovely earrings, those beads are awesome.

  5. Nice earrings, beautiful colours and they have your touch of metal. Well done.