On Letting Go

Yesterday our daughter packed the last of her posessions into her car and at 3pm drove out of the drive heading for Canberra to begin a new job, the offer of which was too good the turn down.
We have been lucky as both son and daughter have worked with us for over 10 years and we have seen (and hugged them) every single day. Time and circumstances have changed and we are moving on to new places and experiences.
I know she has to go, as all children must, as it is now her time and opportunity in the world, and I would never dream of holding her back but part of me wants to keep here here safe. I will miss the sound of her car on the gravel, the way she always slammed the front door of the flat, her laughter and knowing that she is close by.
I am grateful the she is not totally on her own down there as a close friend of her brother is her new boss and I know he will look out for her.
I have shed tears and will do so again - letting go is hard


  1. Huge hugs to you Greer. I know just what you are going through. Both of mine are so far away. Letting go is indeed very hard.

  2. My heart goes out to you. I know as parents it is what we are suppose to do but it still makes us weep. Reading your post it reminded me of a country song...living near Nashville Tennessee, everything is a country song.

  3. I always imagine I'll be really happy when my two finally leave. I'll end up with 3 spare bedrooms (one of which will be my studio) and there will be less cooking, washing etc. But I'm sure when the time comes I'll cry and sob like most mothers do. As long as they don't move too far from home.

  4. This was very moving, thank you for sharing it. The grace of your thoughts is inspiring to me and gives me something to remember when I deal with this myself.