50's Revisited

I remember the 50's - yep I am that old! 

Kidney shaped coffee tables, black and white tv's on spindley legs, teak danish style furniture, vinyl upholstery, rounded refrigerators with tiny little freezer boxes into which only ice cube trays fitted. Chrome kitchen tables with formica tops. Full circle skirts with great frothy tule petticoats, cinched in waists. *Sigh*
The thing I most remember was the bold use of colour and feature walls. My mother embraced this with gusto.
In the main bedroom she painted the walls in mauve with an orange feature wall. The bedspread and curtains were turquoise, mauve, orange and brown. We all thought it looked great - so avant garde!
The colours of these earrings remind me of this room.

Vintage turquoise lucite beads in a matte finish, orange and purple seed beads and copper rhinestone spacers, vintaj brass. Fun, fun fun


  1. Oh, I remember 50's design - after all, it was around for quite a while. Back then, people didn't change their furniture every couple of years. Sweet colourful earrings.
    Wishing you a wonderful day, Greer! Although, now I think of it, it is probably already evening for you...

  2. Oh yes, those earings definitely have a 50's flair. When I was growing up I really didn't care at all for the 50's touches in our home that made our house feel so dated in the 70's. Now I look at all of those bold colours and chrome and love it.

  3. Love the colour combination and the touch of bling!

  4. Oh yes, I remember the good old days, and I AM in my 50's! Lovely earrings, BTW!