Do Caterpillars Dream of Flying?

When caterpillars are snug in their chrysalis awaiting the wonderous transformation of their bodies to creatures of the air, grace and beauty, do they while-away the long days with visions of flying? Do they know what awaits them?
I rather hope the do, I love the idea.

Now that the heavy rains have gone, there are butterflies everywhere. Black and white, black and orange, tiny irridescent triangles, butter yellows all collecting the nectar from the last of the summer flowers.
Here is my tribute to these amazing creatures we share this tiny blue plant with.
Butterfly Dreaming


  1. And what a lovely tribute! We have been seeing some early butterflies here, and I am looking forward to taking photos of them later in summer.

  2. What a delightful necklace, the colours are beautiful. We don't get many butterflies here, plenty of flies though and I know which I'd prefer. Thank you for the offer of computer help the other day, you may be sorry though. It's possible I'll bombard you with questions and you'll rue the day you offered LOL.

  3. Such a beautiful photo of the caterpillar and your new necklace, Greer. Glad the rains have tapered off and that you can enjoy the fruits of the weather and some time back with the beads after some very tough weeks. Vicki :)