Two Score and One

Today is our wedding anniversary. My husband, life partner, best friend and master of the terrible pun, and I have been together for 41 years - more than half our lives.
We are not ones for fancy dinners or big productions, so we figured a quiet breakfast in the rainforest was the way to go.
We are fortunate that the wonderful Lamington National Park is basically on our doorstep about an hours drive away.
At breakfast we were joined by a Crimson Rosella who knew that the bacon and egg roll I had was HIS and I was just minding it. He flew onto the table and marched up my arm and took control. It was a race to see who got the bigger share!

Right next to the picnic area a male Satin Bowerbird had made his bower. These birds love blue and decorate the bower with blue objects. It used to be blue berries, blue bird feathers and other natural objects. These days it is blue bottle tops , plastic straws and other man made objects. They seem to favour the man made over the natural probably because they last longer.

We then spent several hours wandering through the rainforest,enjoying the cool, the green, the peace and feeling the connection with the wild world and the connection between ourselves.


  1. Have a Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more wonderful years together!!
    That Crimson Rosella looks so cute and I think Satin Bowerbirds are fascinating - it is so unusual that they love blue, but it is wonderful!

  2. Happy Anniversary - what a magic way to celebrate and spend special time together - your photos are wonderful too.

  3. Happy celebrated it in a wonderful way!
    The photo of the roots of the rainforest tree was very special as was your experience with the Crimson Rosella!

  4. happy anniversary! what you did was so much more magical than being in a stuffy restaurant in a manmade environment... this is beautiful! thank you for sharing the photos and story...

  5. Wow, what an amazing anniversary! Your pictures are so great and how funny that the bird took your breakfast. :)

  6. Thank you Ladies. It was a great day and I'd sign up for another 41 years in a heartbeat