Beady Goodness!

Warning for all those on a no-bead diet - avert thine eyes NOW!

Some rather nice metal beads. Got these from a local importer from China. Just got a few to see what they were like. My favourite - the ones with the amethyst stones and I will order some more.

Picasso finish Czech glass and on the right gemstones. Would love to see the Czech coins in a larger size. I think 10mm is a bit small to show off the lovely finish.


Some lovely sea-green czech glass.

Now all I have to do is get creative!


  1. Love that swirly brass bead at the top! Hope you will show us what you do with these great beads!!

  2. ack! stop it, you're killing me!

  3. love the metal beads - such a wonderful Asian flavour - looking forward to seeing you creations