Faerie Fragments

This was created for the Art Beads Scene challenge for the month of November.

Chalcadony pebbles.
Bronze,  silver-blue and dusty- mauve seed beads
Vintaj brass
Ancient artifact focal created by me in polymer clay.
However,  I much prefer the story of how an archaeologist, working on neolithic sites in Ireland stumbled upon fragments of stone ruins.
He excavated a section and to his amazement they were richly decorated with carvings of faeries. The buildings were clearly too small for human habitation and he came to the exciting conclusion that they possibly may have been built by the Sidhe.

He removed this small fragment and returned to the University to mount another dig with more resources and people, but, despite clearly marking the ruins, upon his return the whole landscape had changed and the buildings were no where to be seen.
Like many faerie gifts they soon fade away and only this fragment remains.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! i love your interpretation ~ the story... this is wonderful! did a great job on your focal...

  2. Beautiful and love the story. Well done!

  3. GORGEOUS! Especially that really wonderful new old relic that you created. Love it all!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. OMGoodness - what an enchanting necklace!!! Gorgeous chalcedony - what colours! And an amazing "art"ifact - so beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous Faeire pendant! I do believe in Faeries, I do I do!