More Earrings

These are some of the earrings I made for the craft show at the local gallery. Didn't have time to photograph them before the show, so some alas, I do not have a record of.


  1. Oh my, Miss Greer! Yes, yes, and more yes! I love those first ones the most. Those squiggle enamel paddle doohickeys are awesome. And those bright red balls on the end of those pins are sweet! Thanks for sharing. I love what you are doing.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh wow.... I love all the grungy, enameled ones! I can't wait to try enameling with a torch.

  3. Wow, the top ones are magnificent.
    I was playing around with my enamels and little copper strips back in my Alaskan studio last summer. I got a bunch of strips of copper from a roofing company for free and cut them into tiny strips and made little "matchsticks" I call them. They remind me of these that you did although yours look a little more skillfully done than mine.
    I got that Barbara Lewis book on my ipad. Not a good thing to bring into the studio however!
    xoxo KIm