Done & Dusted!

1. The pressies are all wrapped in their little pillow boxes

2.  I have cleaned the 'Grunge Studio' including the crapola and muck that showered down from the shed roof during a rip-snorta thunderstorm.

3.  I have cleaned all the cupboards in the caravan, including the roof and walls.

4.  I have finally completed the Owner Builders Course, bleeping internet connections not withstanding.

All I have to do now is serenely glide towards the roadtrip Christmas Day to Brisbane and the family fun, love and cheers.


  1. Happy Christmas, Greer. Have a great road trip to Brisbane and soak up all of that family love!

  2. Oh - you are way ahead of me...
    Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas, Greer! Wishing you the best of times with family.