No 54 . . . .

The house with the bamboo door
Bamboo roof and bamboo walls
They've even got a bamboo floor. . .

This week I have been bending, folding, hammering, burning and inflicting all kinds of grevious bodily harm on metal (and more than a few times to my fingers)
I have learnt
:: hold small thing with tweezers when hammering
:: hold small things with tweezers clamped up haemostats when heating
:: form folding is tough on your nails (use a scalpel blade stupid)
:: LOS gives you heavy stained 'chain smoker fingers'
:: lower the lighting when using the map gas torch
:: do not reach across the afore mentioned lit map gas torch
:: my disc cutters have it in for me
:: my soldering sucks
:: soldering is a great way to form organic shaped holes in metal
:: if you drop something hot, take immediate evasive action 

The result of the playing, apart from lots of rejects and 'this is interesting wonder what I can use that for', is
House of Bamboo

 Rolled some form folded copper and soldered the joint. Mutilated 4 pieces before I got the soldering right. Used a seed bead melted to wire to form the core for some enamelled head pins. The little head pins tinkle on the copper tubes
Pretty happy with them but....

That damn song is now stuck in my head! 


  1. They look fantastic! And the idea with the seed bead is ingenious!!!!
    Keep going (but don't burn down the house...)!!!

  2. This is AMAZING ... IMPRESSIVE ... GREAT! I'm so glad that you're able to get back to your jewelry making ... these are a real treat!

  3. These earrings look worth the pain. The side you listed have kept me from using the serious tools you use. I fear my clumsiness will leave me in the hospital! ~Val

  4. Love the fold form & soldered earrings.