Bead Table Wednesday

Had every intention of playing with fold formed metal again, and got out everything I needed to start, but then I thought I heard a very feint . . 
g r e e r . . . . . oH . . . .  G r E E r . . . .
It seemed to be coming from somewhere amongst my boxes of beads and I thought naaaaaaaaaah, must be the wind. Then, a little louder
g r e e r . . . . . oH . . . .  G r E E r     o P e N   t h E   bOx ...
and I knew what it was!
Ahh the little owl pendant I made to celebrate the getting of solar power few weeks ago.

Change of plans.
The back of the pendant was I felt unfinished so filled it with polymer clay with a texture of wings. Think it looks much better.
Next, got out a selection of beads and components. 
Made a link from some of the round aqua glass pearls and one with the red, but the beads were too big and overpowered the link. So pulled them apart and remade them with smaller ones and decided to go with the red pearls as they really popped against the dark brass.
I patinaed the moon and tried various ways of using it, then had a lightbulb moment. Turned the moon on its back and punched 2 more holes and attached the pendant.
After a few false starts and a few more undo's here is the finished necklace.
 So what have your beads been whispering to you?


  1. Lovely necklace, Greer. But I want to see your fold forming as well...
    My beads aren't talking to me - the game pieces I found at the flea market are making quite a din, though.

  2. What a great creation!!! The owl and moon are so sweet together. ~Val

  3. Oh, I really like the way you used that moon and I love your patina treatment. This is a lovely necklace. My beads aren't really whispering to me. They are shouting at me in the most grating tone. "Show us some respect. Get in here and clean up this mess...." and on and on, night and day I hear them.

  4. Great necklace, love the moon and the star and the owl and the popping red beads.