Waiting for the Light

After 5 stressful weeks of running on a generator, our off-grid solar power system is up and running again, thank goodness!
The up side of this is, I can now start a 2.5Kva generator on the first pull.

A few items for your deliberation

Lava Dome Bracelet

Lace Coral Earrings



Marmalade Cats

Barn Owls

Rustic Autumn

 Before Now

Summer Rabbit Necklace

Winter Raven Necklace



  1. Hi Greer, such beautiful and unique pieces. Good to hear that the generator is up and running!

  2. Building some major bicep muscles, eh? Wow, Greer! Your lava dome, the enamel earrings, the illustration necklace....one picture after another of fabulous work! Can't even begin to choose a favorite. Did I mention wow?