These caused me no end of grief and a whole day to photograph. Camera didn't know which bit to focus on. I'm sure it was glad to see the back of em.
Silver Earrings, long, statement

While trying to avoid catching the 'winter wog' DH bought back with him from Brisbane. And trying to look sympathetic to his hacking and snuffling and providing pillow fluffing and throat soothing drinks(it was, after all man-flu) made these. . . 

   edgy gothic necklace

Used Mrs Devices epoxy putty technique and I am still traumatised probably because I just jumped in and did it. Instructions? what instructions? Oh yes, it did say that didn't it. Bad Greer! Write out 100 times 'I must fully read tutorials.

Remember this? Well it looks like this now.

amethyst necklace

Squeeeeeeeeee - all iridescent and mauve and not a drop of epoxy putty in sight!


  1. I've got to admit I'm not great with anything that involves epoxy or resin, it ends in tears and cat hairs! Love that box necklace and the earrings are cool.

  2. Fabulous fabulous fabulous! The box necklace is gorgeous. Every element is perfect. Those earrings are wonderful. Love all the textures you've got going on. Worth all the hassle to get them photographed. Lovely photo.

  3. I have yet to try using epoxy and resin - scares me a little - to be honest. I do love your work...its just amazing...I am glad that you persevere or we wouldnt get to see these beautiful pieces....

  4. I've never tried epoxy or even resin though I do have a bottle of resin that I've had for at least 4 years which may or not be usable. I just love the pieces you made. That necklace is fantastic.