Power Struggle

I have had to use load$ of ordinary batterie$ in my camera instead of the stash of rechargables.
Even the new ones refuse to fully charge in the mains charger.
We have found sometimes electronic gizmos don't like the power supplied from or solar power system, digital clocks for example.
Now was this a dying charger or an off grid problem.
Umming and ahhing over a new charger I idly wondered if someone made a solar battery charger?
Now waiting for solar charger which cost waaaaay less than a new mains one.

Here are some makies which probable cost 4 AA batteries each photo!

Rustic edgy torched enamel
Shot on my new crusty, dark, battered background. A well used and burnt teflon pan. (Probably using it for a background is a better health choice than cooking with it. Ya think?)

More torched enamel with faux opal and gold leaf

Heffalumps n lampwork n polymer beads n gold leaf. These babies are looooong.

And just to show that this is a high battery budget outfit .....
The little tin bezels will be filled with something as soon as my muse gets back from a painting she decided to put into a local art competition.


  1. Looks like you came out on top of that power struggle! Great new earrings! Fantastic results with your enameling. Who knew Teflon could look so cool? I see I missed your previous post somehow. What you're doing in your new studio is downright inspired!

  2. Great pieces! I love the second earring pair. And that last necklace is gorgeous! Sorry about your battery frustrations but it sounds like you have it under control for now. And what a unique background!

  3. using that pan as a background is definitely the better idea. LOL
    Love your creative work - that first earring pair is wonderful!

  4. The power situation has got to be annoying. My area sometimes get unexplained power cuts and it's beyond annoying having to reset clocks ans alarms. Loving the faux opal earrings, great work.