Blinded By The Light

Back home (temporarily)
Surgery went well, and I was right, it is far better than a root canal. From prep time to off the table was about an hour. At the end of this time I was sporting a most fetching eye bandage consisting of a stonking great pad, big plastic dome and about 40 metres of micropore tape specifically placed to cover all eyebrows and any other area of skin containing hair follicles.
Grand daughter and grand son wanted to know why my eye was bandaged I told them that Grandma had had an operation so she could be a pirate. GD looked skeptical while GS was delighted. So pirate talking began. Arrrrgh Jim lad, wherre be me poirate hat? GD, rising to the challenge appeared with a black tricorn hat which was duly placed on head at jaunty angle. Arrrrgh matey and where be me poirate sworrrrd? GS bolted to his room and returned with a plastic sword. Much swashing and buckling, plank walking and aaaring ensued until Grandma conseded that pirating was quite exhausting.
Sometime during the night the local anaesthetic wore off and a gravel truck came by and dumped a load in my eye. Lots of fumbling around looking for the Panadol  which became my best friend.
Next morning the eye bandage was ripped off gently removed taking eyebrow hair and exfoliating my cheek.
WOOOOAAAHHH I was prepared for being able to see clearly like seeing the leaves on the trees. Hell I can even see the bugs on the leaves on the trees but I was totally unprepared for the light. The brilliant painful blinding light!
Am getting used to the "new eye" and I go back this weekend for a check and hopefully a date for the other eye.
Stay tuned for morrrre adventures me hearrrrties.


  1. Glad to hear everything went well - wishing you speedy recovery.

  2. There's something to be said for seeing the bugs on the leaves of the trees and amusing the kiddies, eh? Glad it went well and hoping the light sensitivity settles down quickly.