Bead Table Wednesday & Honey Wine

From the chaos of this
comes this    

Fill your glass with the first of the Honey Wine and toast the season's changing.

More Earrings!

What's with all the earrings already????

CONFESSION: for years I have left a trail of yellow chicken feathers. Yep I was a total scaredy cat, coward, jelly fish, wimp and big girls blouse. I have totally avoided having my ears pierced, but, last week I DID IT! I screwed up my courage and did it! What on earth was I sooo worried about? 
Now I can't wait to remove the studs and put some 'real' earrings in.
Might start with these...

Persephone in Autumn

Persephone has begun her odyssey.
The annual journey, passing from the sight of this world and slipping into the realm of the Shades, and Hades, Lord of the Underworld. 
To mark her passing, the trees put on cloaks of gold, russet and crimson and soon will become bare. Traceries against the sky. Grass withers to pale cream and brown, flowers fade. Her mother Demeter, turns her face from the world missing her daughter and the world becomes dark and cold and plants sleep waiting.

These earrings are inspired by the legend of Persephone.
The bronze discs are torch patinaed for the leaves of autumn. The dark shaped copper is for the darkness of winter. Persephone has lost the brilliance of summer, and has become pale as the sunset in the winter fog. There is one final leaf with just a hint of the green it used to be.
Be patient world, she will return.

Splash of Summer Seas

Some little starfish charms teamed with beach coloured faceted czech glass and the sweetest teeny little seahorses. Just in time for Summer Downunder.

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Bead Table Wednesday

If I thought working with 18 gauge brass was tough, bronze is tougher.
After beating my bronze coins flat-ish (oh for a rolling mill or a close-by railway track with an obliging train) I teamed them up with some delicious raku beads from Star Spirit Studio
Love how the metalic blue and bronze on the beads is complimented by the coin discs.
Now in my Etsy shop.

Edited: a cooee to Penny from Sparrow Salvage who featured my earrings among the delightful treasures she found on Etsy. Thanks Penny. To see the treasures for yourselves visit her BLOG
What's on your Bead Table this Wednesday?