Bead Table Wednesday

If I thought working with 18 gauge brass was tough, bronze is tougher.
After beating my bronze coins flat-ish (oh for a rolling mill or a close-by railway track with an obliging train) I teamed them up with some delicious raku beads from Star Spirit Studio
Love how the metalic blue and bronze on the beads is complimented by the coin discs.
Now in my Etsy shop.

Edited: a cooee to Penny from Sparrow Salvage who featured my earrings among the delightful treasures she found on Etsy. Thanks Penny. To see the treasures for yourselves visit her BLOG
What's on your Bead Table this Wednesday?


  1. Ooo, Ahh, those raku beads play nice with your hammered bronze. And since you asked, on my bead table is side walk chalk. It's by the back door. My grand daughter was here and the bead table is a very convenient location for storing side walk chalk. If it weren't raining, I'd go out and whip up a masterpiece on the back step.

  2. I think that was the reason bronze was invented - they needed a tougher metal... and it definitely is. Love your earrings!