Flash Ya Stash!

Hasn't been a lot of stashing at the Macca household of late. Tight budget and some nasty 10 year old legal stuff happening in the background means I can look but can't touch.

 Then  I see
and the Winner is
What me? - can't be I never win anything. 
*pinch* *pinch*

Mary Ann Carol from Artisan Beads Plus had a giveaway and she picked MEEEEEEE!

Lookie what I got!

Photos do not do these beads justice. They are so smooth to touch and every way you turn them there is a variation in the glaze. She also sent me these . . . 

Some wood fired cubes. These instantly transported me back to the early 70's when I did a bit of pottering around with clay (get it? pottering around?) Everything was stoneware and amazing glazes full of texture and visual interest.
These beads are gorgeous! Smooth and glossy with all kinds of interesting glaze effects going on and in some areas the wood firing has added raku effects.


  1. Congratulations, Greer! Lovely ceramic beads for your stash!

  2. Yay - well deserved - nice new stash Greer !! Congratulations and have fun with those lovely beads :)