Things that go Squish in the Night

"Houston, we have a Problem"
Those words were uttered by Number One Daughter at 4am. She had rolled over in bed and it had gone 'squish' and even in her not quite lucid state she had thought 'that can't be right' and it wasn't

A hose on the washing machine had let go. The kitchen was awash, there was an ever enlarging lake in the lounge room and the tide was inexorably approaching our bedroom door.

Every single towel, old blanket and anything else that could possibly sop up water was pressed into service.
Down stairs in our daughter's flat, water poured down the newly painted walls, dripped out of the light fittings and the carpet was akin to walking on a bed of sea squirts.

Spent last week with fan heaters drying out the carpet, which now smelled like a wet dog and watching the ceiling paint slowly peel off the roof in sheets. The upstairs floating flooring has now become the 'smiling flooring' as the boards start to curl on the ends.

The insurance assessor has been today. Have paid insurance for 20 years on this house and made 3 claims so it remains to be seen how much the insurance company will cough up.
Now did I turn that dishwasher off at the tap?


  1. Oh no....awful thing to happen. I never turn off the taps at the washing machine or dishwasher...maybe I should start. Hope the clean up isn't too painful and the insurance company comes to the party.

  2. How awful. I know just what that floating flooring looks like right now. I have a friend who had the same thing happen in her brand new condo. It's interesting, but not pretty. Hope your insurance pays out and everything starts back to normal soon.

  3. Oh my goodness - not a nice thing to wake up to in the middle of the night. It is amazing how much damage water can do. Hope the insurance company does the right thing... and you have things halfway normal soon.

  4. Oh my, what a nightmare! Good luck with the insurance company.