The Best Laid Plans. . . .

It would appear that all the diversion and distraction stars have aligned against me the last few weeks.

The knitted jumper I am making for newly arrived Isaac is half finished. The renovations my husband and I are doing have become more complicated and time consuming. A website I maintain has had major problems requiring a complete reload of the files and is not resolved yet and just to make life even more interesting the long dry spell is having a major effect on local wildlife. Koalas are roaming looking for better leaf and being hit by cars and attacked by dogs - rescued 3 in the last 2 weeks. Possums joeys are coming thick and fast and kangaroos are searching for grass by the road side with deadly consequences and to top it all off we have bush fires!

This is a little peek at a wallaby joey snug in this warm pouch waiting collection by his new mum.

UPDATE  Little wallaby has been collected by his new mum - even though she is a he (one of our very few male wildlife rehabilitators)



  1. oh, wow - how very lucky these animals are, that in the dire times, they have people like you to help... what a precious picture...

  2. Hope the drought is not too prolonged and things get better soon. Nature can be harsh sometimes. The wallaby joey is really cute!

  3. Sorry to hear that things are not so good and I hope the drought doesn't last much longer. Although, you will be going into summer now, won't you? Not good. That little joey is a lucky one!

  4. Hello Greer

    It is nice to meet you...just a wee way down ther on the coast too...
    Thanks for sorting out the pied Butcher bird from the magpie lark...I think I just presumed it was the later being out over the ocean like that...and didn't look too closely...

    Your little wallaby is sweet. Are you a carer?

    Happy days