The House of Gothicae

Some jewelry cries out for a story to go with it don't you think?

As I created this I imagined two grandchildren snuggled with their grandmother and for the hundredth time asking..... "Tell us the story about the necklace again Grandma". She smiled and pulled them closer. "Very well" she said.

"A long time ago a family fell on hard times and their only daughter was married to a total stranger and sent far away. She travelled many days until she arrived at dark and forboding building hidden by the forest. As she alighted from the carriage, the moon bathed the facade of the great stone house in silver. Suddenly the dark timber doors at the top of the stairs, were swung open by a shadowy figure and light spilled out beckoning her to enter. In the great hall the candlight gleamed and a fire burned brightly in the ancient fireplace. As she drew closer to its warmth, on the table in a midnight blue velvet case she saw it......"

Vintaj Natural Brass chain, jumprings and round filigree provides a support for a brass bat which has been finished with a hand applied patina. To enhance the mystery, I have added czech firepolished crystals in moody shades of emerald and amethyst.

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