Ressurection Makies

Yep 5 months since my last post, but I do have a valid excuse.
My husband suffers from Parkinsons with associated dementia so have spent time making sure he has the aids to assist him daily and generally settling him into the new house and area.
All went well and I was just getting into making when he had a fall and broke the top of the femur. Spent 6 weeks in hospital which was a terribly traumatic experience for a dementia sufferer. He is home now and has become a demon on the wheely-walker! Am currently working my way through the paperwork for the Home Care package he has been allocated. Thank you Federal Government!

Ipswich is a town west of Brisbane and established in the mid 1800 and has the most wonderful timber cottages and federation and grand victorian buildings. When I get some me time will be out with the camera - have some ideas bubbling away in my head over these architectural beauties.

So, have I actually made anything?

Starting off with some rustic over-the-top ancient artifact earrings! OK made these a while ago and thought they were a little too totally unhinged. But apparently not.

Some ceramic decal earrings. The camera went cross eyed trying to focus.

A little bit of fold forming and autumnal enamel

Experiment with graphite powder. Great effect! Frustratingly uncontrollable! One more for the unhinged department

My minimalist abstract asymmetrical earrings - Oh Wait - Bad Greer

Some Sweet Tweets

Some edgy goodness with overfired white enamel with cupric oxide and graphite.

More earrings? Why not

Some sooooo cute little Echidna earrings. Ceramic decals made from my drawings.
And still in an Aussie icon mode. . . .

Banksia Pod earrings.

A taste of honey

Decals and micro beads

A desert vibration happening here. Tried a matte finish. Looks great but damn! harder to photograph than gloss.

Bought some more enamels in moody dark colours so decided to be much more controlled with the designs.

Warning:- more earrings!

Still working the same colour palette

Uh oh organics starting to creep in

Yep fallen off the controlled wagon.

Can she get back on again?

Yeah! Like these. My secret graphite recipe and hand drawn design

Ok have your eyes glazed over with all this earlobe adornment goodness? Is you bum numb?

Well your reward is some necklaces.

This one worked better in my mind. I forsee a rework in my future.

This one is also a possible rework

Down in the undergrowth. Hand drawn grasshopper hand sawing and handmade chain.

OK your screen has been returned and you may return to your normal program :)

Resurection Complete

Slowly it comes together.
Re used the old drawers. Added some cheapie shelves and a heavy duty shelf unit for storage. (Jarrah Underfoot on inspection tour)

Two table - one stand up the other sit down.

Some more cheapie shelves. And the more boxes I open, the more homes I need to find/create.

More work in progress.

You-beaut tool storage. No more rummaging in drawers for stuff you forgot you had.

Enameling department. 

Lookit all the little glass bottles of vitreous enamel powders  - with labels. Squeeeeeee!

A hammer rack. No no don't look too closely, they are resting on screws. Ya think I would have used dowel wouldn't you. (Lazy Greer)

My patented elevated bench pin system cos I don't have a 'real-jewelers-bench.' Easy to remove.

A place for everything and everything in it's place.
I can guarantee it will never look this tidy again!
Gotta love my half of the garage. Sorry car.


This, Dear Readers is what you would have encountered had you happened to wander this way over the past 18 months.

My Husband's affliction has been an extremely hard road to travel. The property was too hard for only one person (me) to maintain and at our family's insistence, we have put the place on the market and moved to Brisbane and finally settled in Ipswich.

To get there. . . 
I did this. Multiplied by 7 other rooms and a 4 bay shed.

Then finally this.

Four weeks later unpacked the 83 cartons and with the all the creature comforts sorted, began this. 
The Resurrection Studio!

Waiting for the Light

After 5 stressful weeks of running on a generator, our off-grid solar power system is up and running again, thank goodness!
The up side of this is, I can now start a 2.5Kva generator on the first pull.

A few items for your deliberation

Lava Dome Bracelet

Lace Coral Earrings



Marmalade Cats

Barn Owls

Rustic Autumn

 Before Now

Summer Rabbit Necklace

Winter Raven Necklace


Feathers 'n' Fur

First quirky little Sweet Tweets. 
Flew out of the shop! Laugh if you wish

 Went to the local gallery - sold!

 Some red cardinals with wonky legs - flew out too!

 More - gone as well.

A widdle wabbit - gone

Fall Rabbit gone as well.

I think I might be onto something . . .